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Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commission

In December of 1980, the Eureka Springs City Council created the Commission of Parks and Recreation, charter Title 12, section 4 (Appendices A & B) established under the authority of Arkansas Statutes Section 9-36-6, 3607, 3618, and 3619 (Acts 1947, No. 348;1951, No. 240; 1949 No. 471; and 1979 No. 102) and Ordinance #1820 amended the Commission from five qualified electors of the City to seven members.

Our mission as the Commission is to ensure that the public park assets of Eureka Springs are managed in ways that maximize their benefits to present generations and do not compromise their sustainability as long-term community assets. 


Commissioner - James Weaver,(479) 644-8604 cell; [email protected]
Vice Chair - Ruth Hager, (479) 981-0614 cell; [email protected]
Commissioner- Draxie Rogers, (501) 851-7777 cell; [email protected]
Secretary - Ferguson Stewart,  (214) 727-9715 cell; [email protected]
Commissioner - Steven Foster, (479) 981-2136 cell; [email protected]
Chairman - Bill Featherstone, (479) 981-1991 cell; [email protected]
Commissioner - Christian Super, (503) 688-4575 Cell; [email protected]

Director: Justin T. Huss, phone (479) 253-2866 Office; [email protected]

Title chapter 12.08 gives the definition of Park as the following described property:

A. Lake Leatherwood property which was annexed into the City of Eureka Springs by Ordinance No. 1773 Passed, Ordained, and Declared by the City Council f the City of Eureka Springs, Arkansas on the 16th day of December, 1997.

B. Those Spring reservations known by the following names and referred to in the City's Ordinance books:

Basin Spring, book 1 page 146;
Black Gum or Conway Springs, book 1, page 158;
Carr and Maxwell Spring, book 1 page 149;
Cold Spring, book 1, page 151;
Crescent Spring;
Dairy Spring, book 1 page 40, Ordinance No. 57;
East Mountain, book 1 page 157;
Harding Spring Park or Reservation, book 1, page 153;
Little Eureka Springs, book 1, page 147;
Minnehaha Springs, book 1, page 52, Ordinance No. 84;
Oak or Sheffrule Springs, book 1, page 154;
Rock House Spring, book 1, page 155;
Sweet and Spout Spring, book 1, page 150;
Table Rock Spring, book 1, page 159;
Mill Hollow Reservation, Blocks 1,2, & 3, 11, Clayton Survey;
Those other spring reservations owned by the city.

C. Water Street Park established in 1980 to be used and enjoyed by the public as a public recreational park.

D. Those footpaths, walkways and other public lands which are part of or adjacent to  vacated streets or alleys within the city and referred to in the city's records.

E. All unopened streets and alleys within the city as determined by public records.

F. Those properties conveyed to the city from Allen Merrill and Bonnie Merrill by deed recorded in deed record book 140, pages 15 and 16, office of the County Circuit Clerk, referred to in Eureka Springs Ordinance No. 1637.

G. The property known as the Black Bass Lake Property, with the exception that the public works department shall provide maintenance for Black Bass Dam and the water pump stations located on the property (1978).