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Eureka Springs Bark Park

The Eureka Springs Bark Park is located in Harmon Park at the corner of Grand Ave & Polk St. Head north on Main St from downtown, hang a left at the Train Station (Grand) and follow it up the hill and around to the stop sign. The Bark Park will be directly in front of you! Turn right and follow fence line to parking lot. Have Fun!                                                                                            

Eureka Springs Bark Park Rules for You and Your Dog’s Safety


1. Dogs must be at least 6 months of age and be spayed or neutered.
2. No dogs over 30 pounds in the small dog park. NO WOLF HYBRIDS ALLOWED.
3. Dogs must have proof of vaccination for rabies & distemper/parvo.
4. Dogs must be leashed outside the fence area at all times. (per Eureka Springs City Code Sec. 6.04.10), but unleash your dog once inside the park; leashed dogs can sometimes become protective of you.
5. Dog owners must close gates upon entering and exiting the park.
6. ABSOLUTELY NO unattended dogs at any time.  Only 2 dogs per person.
7. Aggressive dogs are prohibited. Dogs displaying signs of aggression must be removed immediately by owner.
8. No dog treats or toys.
9. No rough play.
10.  Dogs that bark excessively must be quieted or removed from park.
11. No digging.
12. No collars with spikes or prongs, chain (choke) collars, harnesses or gentle-leader type collars.
13. Dog owners are legally and financially liable for injuries or damages caused by their dog(s). Guests assume all risks when using the dog park.
14. No children under 8 years of age are allowed in the park. Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
15. Owners must pick up and properly dispose dog waste.
16. Food, glass containers, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited.

All rules and regulations are in place to protect all of the people and dogs that visit the park, as well as to help promote responsible pet ownership in our community.

Healthy well-socialized and exercised dogs not only make great family members, but great neighbors, too.