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Crescent Spring Park, located next to the Carnegie Library on Spring Street, with its Victorian-style gazebo and beautiful rock walls, is always a favorite spot to visit.

Crescent Spring was revered for its healing waters almost as much as the Basin Spring. The legendary Indian Healing Spring situated beside the wagon road on a hillside with a rock outcropping described as “Crescent “ shaped, the spring was soon given that name as was Crescent Hotel, the fine limestone structure built at the summit in 1886. Stree
t maps dated 1886 show a stone retaining wall and a circular enclosure of stone at the spring. Adjacent to it, twelve stair steps of dressed beaver limestone lead to a public thoroughfare ten feet in width extending to Park Avenue on the hillside above. The earliest view, an artist sketch of Crescent Spring, published in 1881, shows a simple wood shed built to shade and protect the waters. The shed was replaced by an ornate wood gazebo with copper clad roof constructed by 1886. Wooden benches, a boardwalk, and gas street lamps were in place by 1886 creating a beautiful promenade for resort visitors. Crescent Spring and a reservation of the hillside above and on either side of the spring were set aside in the original plat of the town site surveyed August, 1879 named Spring Reservation arount the “Principal Springs” which included Crescent Spring by name were established by Ordinance No. 1 enacted April, 1880, upon the incorporation of Eureka Springs as a City.