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Lake Leatherwood City Park (LLCP) Master Plan

The people of Eureka Springs generously provided the Parks & Recreation Commission (P&RC) a special 1/8-cent sales tax for improvements at Lake Leatherwood Park (LLP). These collections started in July 2013 and will continue until August 2017. Lake Leatherwood provides Eureka Springs residents a unique resource to improve their quality of life. Very few towns of this size have a facility offering so many varied leisure activities. It also serves as an engine to the local economy in its ability to draw outsiders to the area to also take advantage of all the park has to offer.

Although a vast resource, the park needs many improvements that would allow it to reach its full potential. The special tax allows the Eureka Springs P&RC to implement some of these improvements. But it does not cover all of the needs of the LLP. In order to effectively manage the LLP improvements, and get the most impact from these special resources, the P&RC decided to prepare a capital improvement plan (CIP) to identify all the needs of the LLP and to prioritize them in order to guide our decision-making for spending these funds. The CIP  clearly delineate the improvements P&RC will make with the special fund through the end of 2017. It also provides a road map for future improvements, after the special tax sunsets, as future funds allow.

 As a public document, it also allows Eureka Springs residents to know exactly how the P&RC will spend their money. Citizens can also hold the P&RC accountable by knowing what the P&RC intends to do with the money and whether we did that.

 The P&RC used a multi-pronged approach to develop the CIP. The Lake Leatherwood Committee in 2013-14 developed a set of improvements for LLP. In addition, P&RC members and the Director have provided improvements they would like to see. On June 2, the P&RC held a public workshop to solicit citizen input on any improvements they would like to see at LLP. Finally, on June 3-5 LLP users could give their suggestions for improvements. The CIP tabulated all of this input to generate the master list of improvements. Then, the P&RC, at its June 7 workshop reviewed and discussed the entire list and through a series of preference votes prioritized all the improvements.

(See Links Below for Lake Leatherwood Capital Improvement Plan and Annex A Description)

Lake Leatherwood Park CIP Edited-1.docx

Lake Leatherwood Capital Plan Descriptions-1.docx